'Ecology Heart' reception desk available at our project gallery at 15 Queen Street.
A sculpture symbolising the power of the feminine heart which you can hear beating within yourself and without - the ocean and the wind sweeping the sands, although both are really just one. Quite a piece, handcrafted from top to bottom, including frame made to serve as a reception.

"ROMAYA" Hair and Make Up Artists
A reception desk created solely out of natural materials (mostly Donegal driftwood). The actual tree consists of around fifty pieces joined, carved, painted to a highest standard with metallic golds and bronzes.

"Bell's Florists"
by Natalia, the Floral Artist
An insanely unique reception desk made  out of materials beach combed along the North Coast of Ireland. Solid structure covered with panels over which I painted an abstract impression of  a stormy ocean, as per desire.
"Bluebells Arts Project" exhibition
'Nature fights back'...through me.
A coffee table with quite a few legs as a part of exhibit on the theme of deforestation. A piece to deeply ponder upon while having a cup.  

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