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fifteen queen street


A tribute to van Gogh. Bunch of sunflowers thrown over four canvased sides. Heavy sturdy one-of-its-kind.

Greenwood base.
















A floor lamp

with a flowing bonsai-like silhuette.

Deep finish.

Greenwood base.


Co. Donegal driftwood

Silk lampshade

















Rust - a unifying point beetween the calm animalistic shape of the wood and the extreme of modernity.

Tropical experience of Jan Garbarek's 'Afric pepperbird' hence the title.

'the freedom arch '

Part of exhibit at the Gasyard Centre in Derry, complementing my other work on the theme of deforestation.

Industrial art.

Material:  post-industrial steel and  a heavy greenwood base.



How does the moon silence

the mind?...well, you just

switch it on.

This magnificent piece is designed for a large space as it is three meters long and the ambience

it creates is beyond words.


stylised glass globe and

a stunning piece of driftwood


'you can never loose (that feel)'

...of a  hypnotic suspence during the sunset.  



Oil painted ocean debris on a heavy base of driftwood


Raw industrial wall light.

A subtle balance of industrial steel with the a warmth of an incandescent light, hidden behind a complex patterns painted over the ocean debris collected along the coastline of Ireland. 


Driftwood, oil painted ocean debris and elegant raw steel.

© 2019 Lu Szweda

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