from the past we only have silence

lasting form now to now

the one thing sustainable

and the biggest questions are at the end

and from all answers there is only this

which not need to be found

a joy without a tooth

when even dogs don't bark

but what could be said

it's simple

once used to the breath

doesn't ask for more

a caged heart but a freelove

but a night sky without boundaries

when only northern lights keep us awake

freedom allows everything

but it gives no choice


Ecology is the embodiment of ones nature as both the  transcience of form and the transcendental presence of life spinning and destroying its majestic web, endlessly. It is the knowing of ones place in it. Intention of my art is to transform the interpretation of life supposedly bound by the bones and time. 

Visit us in our project gallery at 15 Queen Street | Coleraine | BT52 1BE

Lu and Alex 

Feel good.

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